Walt Disney

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Glass, Glass, Glass, It echoed in her mind,  as she could just never find the time, To try go and make that climb.
Things that make me happy are many, There's singing, acting, reading, just to name a few,  But one that I love most, One that's my past and future, Is the Most Magical Place on Earth.
An Outsider doesn't need anybody; I take care of myself! The words of an Outsider to a person who to him is an Outsider To impress her, maybe be her friend. Friend.
The princess of the Pridelands, Her fur golden-orange, bright like the sun, and her soul reflects that, Overprotectivness from Simba, the king, her dad, causes a streak of darkness.
Girls grow up thinking life will be perfect, Walt Disney showed little girls what they should expect. From Prince Charmings, to fairies, flying, and love, He never showed them what to do when push comes to shove.
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