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I am so torn My body Being pulled in two directions By my mind And heart Which do I choose? My choice doesn’t matter Both sides will keep pulling anyway Equal in their force
The most powerful tears Are those that slip out Though the tiniest cracks In one’s happy facade And slide over one’s soul Burning Acidic Poisonous They leave scars
How do u explain to someone you cant hangout . "anxiety bad today" wont come out the mouth Laying in bed , not wanting to get off the couch
In my head I reside Where there is one thing to hide My true feelings and my fears Memories that bring only tears In my head there are shadows where the evil lives A place where there is no remorse to give
From a young age we're taught that the, Monsters live under our beds. And that the flick of a light switch will, Send them running.
Hush. Quiet. Hold it in. Its not the time nor the place. Just smile. Its normal. Be happy like you always are. Content and bright are your eyes each day. But your heart so dark and confused.
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