inner voice

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Weak, weak, weak, my inner voice, it cries Weak, weak, weak, my confidence, it dies Weak, weak, weak, my faith, it slowly fades
Look past the outskirts of the town of stray men Where none think to trod A black wall caging in the livestock All together lost within an arbitrary boundary   Run blindly past the seam of shadow and light
To get and grasp separation of paths is difficult sometimes how do I accept chaotic intersections that are not mine? So emotions keep fumbling over, but the top's still on
My mind is so full of poems and rhymes the chimes flow thru my soul and spirit if you listen closely you will be able to hear it . This is what I must do it is who I must be it is the answer that has always eluded me.
You may think everything is loud and clear,
The butterflies flitter in my stomach, 
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