Inner poet

My mind is so full of poems and rhymes the chimes flow thru my soul and spirit if you listen closely you will be able to hear it . This is what I must do it is who I must be it is the answer that has always eluded me. Helping another was the life of my mother I took it on its been my life between dusk and dawn . It's something I've done have not had much fun can't tell you how many days I longed to run. I've dreamed a ton my thoughts spun and spun did not want to shun others who have helped me along the way I just have been longing to say  something anything from the heart I figure today can be a great start. Publish or parish time goes by take empowering action before you will die could happen any time does not matter if your in your prime. Not even trying would be your greatest crime. so i write and write each and every day hoping for a miracle to leave a profession where the writing has no poetry or prose it sucks the energy from your head to your toes.  Life of a poet I know it to be true for me. Write today don't wait for tomorrow doing so would be such sorrow two lives led one blue the other red. As I shed from my skin forgive myself for the sin I committed so much joy I omitted . Thus degree no longer for me. So i let it be as I walk confidently down a new path no need to do the math 5 minus two always equals three  writer poet and artist  is the life for me.

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