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A vast sea I bear witness to; a sea of lilies lined up as a wall of petals. To marvel at the myriad of colors is to give in. Today is not the day.
Feeling unknown by most people yet so similar to most other feelings. It's like a ground floor rollercoaster. I ride the rollercoaster looking out. Doppelganger looking in from the sidelines.
Dear Future Me,   I hope you’ve grown a bunch Not only mentally but emotionally  You’ve had to endure many hardships like most in life But, that’s no excuse  I hope you’re secure,
The furious sunflower grewup and out fromthe moronic cliffin adversarial passiondespising the repressionto bloom in magnificent effulgenceagainst the odds of austerity.
It's when the vibe in my mind, is defiened by the time, and me mood rises above mellow, when your faced with the fact, that all enemies attack, even when the sun burns out yellow,
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