true strength

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Its so hard to be strong when you want to be weak Its so hard to wake up when you just want to sleep Its so hard to leave the house when you just want to curl up in bed Its so hard to eat when you don't want to leave your room Its so hard to fight
Through tears, Through the months, Through the pain, I wait. Many feel sorry, Many stare, Many judge, But they don't get me. Pain is a hurdle, Pain is a challenge,
Singer 1: It hurts me to hurt others And you deserve my pain As much as you deserve A trip on heaven's train   Singer 2: My anger's hit its tragic end But I'm more hurt inside
My poems suck. I can’t say why, they just do. It makes me crazy, shot, like at a buck, right between my eyes. But by whom, It’s all little hazy. Why, Try to keep me down?
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