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Three, two, one... I dive straight in, and I hear the commotion and clouds of confetti, I come up in a new year.   Seat belt, please - Anxiety, nervousness,
I ponder my thoughts as hours fly by remembering what use to be our pastime. A game that brought us close together, a bowler and batsman eternally, forever.   Disregard for mother's intuition,
(I would step outside before looking in)   In the end you will find  Only the witness as he stands   Open, bare to the world  Among it, of it, a part   And the whole of each and every
E! was I Green   Someone painted me in Red   I lost my naturalness   Giving rise to artifice   I was posted   On a manmade web   Alterations had I gone threw
Im used to these shaky take-offs Because new beginnings are never smooth Probably because I force these chapters to end too soon.   As I break the layers of the sky it all becomes a plane
Everything I say is wrong So i've been staying quiet Not speaking for so long
As I sit staring at the "fasten seatbelt" light overhead
The world drops out from below and my head lifts into the clouds To float like it has for all my life, Only this time it is for real.
I am from plane rides at a week old, from always knowing there was something special about my family. I am from always knowing I was adopted.
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