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i breathe the smoke you exhale, fill my lungs with scorching embers. the gasoline left a fiery trail, your blazing temper never fails.  
I let you down, and in return your burned it down to the ground and the sounds of sirens blaring, and you're standing and you're staring at flames. How did you think this would go? What if I didn't say no?
Fire cackles, shadows dancealong the walls ina twisted waltz with the smokethat storms your lungs and ashthat tastes like death on your tongueyour hair and clothes singed off
the fire cackles, laughing manically   as it leaps from branch to branchtreetop to treetop, hollow to hollow,destroying all in its wakenimbly wriggling through the dense undergrowth
In the desert lightning strikes, An act deadly for the dry wild fields, Under the brush a spark ignites, Fed by the winds it consumes all it reaches, Steadily climbing towering trees,
Lying to the ones I love and dying in silence. Covering the carpet with blood. Switched over to autopilot. I speak and laugh day by day, but, the outlier on a graph, I'm always wallowing in pain.
Kissing, trembling, Up your spine. Licking, tasting, Your thoughtless mind. My eyes glow yellow As your arms bare orange Jaws clamp tight As you’re no more. Fall down in white,
Her life is a case of arson, little fires she sets just to feel alive It starts out as a curiosity, Intrigue.
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