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Poetry has given me an outlet to proclaim my observations of the world.  To proclaim how people are mistreated.  To proclaim my human experience to selective eyes. 
you better watch it, then rap it. twirl it like Beckham. you know what your saying, your binging on hate.  she wearing her crown. they tell her it's forbidden unknown to Islam,
The times when I first used words to speak, talk, and prattle Were not the same experiences where I used them in a poem battle Writing came easy to me, so did speach and rhyming,
What do you think when you see that girl walking across the street?With her head held down, eyes forward, feet flat on the ground, the hijab covering her head full of disparaging thoughts?
You see I live in a time where the world would come out and question “What is this Hijab and this religion of mine?” And often the assumption would arise of oppression in Islam
There is nothing wrong with asking a question But before you begin, allow me to answer some of the more common ones My scarf does not show regression And yes, I know I look like a nun I have plenty of hair
I represent the political party that stands on behalf of the half naked Barbie. I represent the woman of the 21 century and this woman is everything, except for her dignity.
You’re Muslim right? That’s pretty exoticIt's messed up how they show your people as so chaoticMy people? Who’s that? The people on the screen?My people come in all colors, races and creeds.
They slam Islam What I am, a Muslim A Muslim woman But it's cool You can laugh I can costomize Go from a red hijab to blue hijab This hijab And that hijab I am a fashonista
The scarf that rests upon my head In Arabic, "Hijab" May seem to some a fearful threat Mysterious to some.   The names, the teasing. Whispering. The silence of my tongue replies
Your stares declare your despair but I breathe in and out as I let your hatred blend into the air. Somehow I wish I could disintegrate.
With my head held high And my hijab* a blazing sign Of my identity  I step out into the open world And a torrent of whispers unfurl Suddenly around me   Amid the stares, the looks, the sneers,
(An Ode to my Hijab)
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