The Scarf That Rests Upon My Head


The scarf that rests upon my head

In Arabic, "Hijab"

May seem to some a fearful threat

Mysterious to some.


The names, the teasing. Whispering.

The silence of my tongue replies

Tis not of weakness or regret


But words alone cannot suffice

To explain

Clarifying the

Motive behind my silky shield


If you had owned a diamond

Would you not always fear

That if you let it out and bout

You'd lose what was so dear


My beauty is mine

And for me only

I cover it from the eyes of the world

A gem covered by my jewelry box Hijab


Hijab to me

Presents to the world

My identity

Upon my head


Although the current pulls stronger and stronger

Out to sea

According to the shells of distinctive patterns

Erosion is a theory that never matters


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