Admist the Oppression


41 50 78 Street Apt 214 Elmhurst NY
United States
40° 44' 39.5412" N, 73° 53' 14.5104" W

With my head held high

And my hijab* a blazing sign

Of my identity 

I step out into the open world

And a torrent of whispers unfurl

Suddenly around me


Amid the stares, the looks, the sneers,

I walk on

Amid the taunts, the insults, the curses,

I walk on

Amid the shouts, and the slanders and every other vile offense  you can think of

I walk on


"Sorry, miss, we can't serve you here."

"Sorrry,miss, dont you see we're all filled here?"

"Sorry, miss, we don't hire terrorists."

"Sorry, miss;Sorry, miss;Sorry, miss"


Sorry, you say?

Before you tell me of being a terrorist

Tell me, do you see a firearm held in my fist?

Or do you think im carrying around a bunch of explosives?


Before you tell me I'm not an American

Before you deny me my rights

Tell me, what was this coutry based upon?

Free of religion, thats right


Before you utter anything further

Dissolve from your mind

The lies and the propaganda

Insidiously fed you through your mind

Through the ever-deceiving media

To which you were so insistenly and blindly inclined


Before you make your assumptions and judgements 

Dispel the stereotyped lenses from your eyes

And for once, through the lucid vision 

See the irrevocable truth"

That I am as much a human being as any you or I. 



* - A Garment Muslims wear over their head to cover their hair


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