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Suggestive of a Song   What one has loved with youthful infatuation,  what one has admired with childlike captivation; 
Found poetry based on the article 5 Lies My Friends With Eating Disorders Have Told Me.   Just me, all alone in this big hungry city! All I wanted was something.
To Beijing, The world revolves around Beijing.     I met one of the kindest people...he smiles wide.
image: desert background with magazine cut-out text reading, "but you always like it better when it sounds like i'm in pain".
image: desert background with cut-out magazine text reading, "but you always like it better when it sounds like i'm in pain". 
She was smiling, delighted There he was, he looked so young. Tall, firm, upright figure.
It slowly crawls behind a person  Like a shadow in the early stages of life The few who leave early  do not get consumed by something so divine 
Seeking acceptance “Recognized for excellence”. Pushed myself Overwhelming chaos. Runs in the family. The answer? It didn’t work.   Communication doesn’t work When the mental side
A twinkling shade of innocenceA meteor in a pitch-black nightA tranquil glance with adorationA significant message to a blank mindThe blankness at a speckA tradegy diffuses itself
  Disease: dark, empty. Waiting for hours. That strange thing, of disappearing   It would be just me, if she vanished. The world beyond was black.
Infected by the end of innocence, The once wise and committed friend gave up. Gave up and turned away.
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