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It is more than just a feeling, But a natural phenomenon that demands a repeat. It is a way of being.  The intricate obstacles set to overcome; dealing
I wake up before dawn, clearing my head. Chugging the water bottle kept beside my bed. Unlocking my phone to check the weather.
Feet bounding... Feet running... Feet jogging... Feet dying!  I see the familiar road,
I run through the streets, pitter-patter Darkness on my heels I keep moving, leaping, flying-fast The world running past Darkness ahead draws nigh and the street-lights Stand against the stars
my breaths become staggered as i look around the room, the urge to give in is very near as i step up to the line, my feet begin to tingle. i know there is no looking back.
My feet stick to the ground, Afraid of letting go of the familiar surroundings. Everyday, it pulls me in. It is my home, my escape. It is the cure to all my problems, A disease that entraps me.
In my life, The wind is hard, The air is cold, And my journey never ends. Im my life, The road is an endless path. Each day is unexpected, A surprise waiting to be experienced.
I have to wake up, It is still dark, yet I stir. My tired eyes open, And I start from my bed. Going to the kitchen, My tired feet carry me. Minimal food, Water to sustain.
I Am Invincible Running, flying, soaring Nothing can touch me As the ground rushes under my feet And the sunset blurs into a pink and golden haze Running
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