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skin laid as leaves my soul the seed, vessel bound hush, here comes the freeze
Confined in these lines, how much movement is mine How much deviance is permissible without going too far as to be  Unacceptable  Unaddressable  Unprofessional 
Everytime I'm pushed around like a Ragdoll, You're addicted ,for you it's alcohol. Everytime it's you,only you . Who determines what I should do ! Why can't I just be me and you be you ?
Six feet under, never known. A memoir of a kingdom, that will never get their land. They will never understand, this very feeling that we have because our root gave birth again,
It was a face. Two eyes. A nose. A mouth. A person with developed organs. Someone's daughter. Broken down into nothingness. A dead carcass.
I look all around me and I find myself lost.
Are we awesome? Nah, maybe were just ordindary Many of my people locked away in solitary Causing this huge diversionary How can they call themselves honorary?
The Walls are Crying
Placed by the window, the delicate bouquet sits pristine and untouched with petals like placid smiles and soft sissy hands, they settle dainty and benign in their sheltered vase.  
Heads tilt sideways Eyes peering in Hearts beat to the same Rhythm.   Come with us Come with us They plead Lips glued upwards In a grin.   Hair is swaying
She ran. Past the creaky rocking chair and the old tin can, Through the mahogany door and into the wrinkled man. She jumped the white picket fence just to see.
Stuck in this place My personal hell I cant leave I cant move If iI do it will all end Or would it just begin If I try to escape They will just find a way to put me back in that state
You said you’d let me be anything I wanted to be… But I never could believe you When you couldn’t let me be me. “Don’t let them play soccer or football until they’re in college!”
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