Teeter Totter

Heads tilt sideways

Eyes peering in

Hearts beat to the same



Come with us

Come with us

They plead

Lips glued upwards

In a grin.


Hair is swaying

In the wind

Unmoved smiles of



Please oh

Please oh


Take our hand

And sprout your wings.


Or he will be


If you don’t


Down there


For eternity



So come with us

Come with us

And you’ll see

All the great things that could be.


Death filled eyes

Of crescent moons

And bright white teeth

Of cream filled



These twin dolls

Of geared minds

Manipulated souls

None to call



Delicate hands

Of pure white

Diversity can not

Fight these



For they were told

To close their minds

Not listen to the other finds

So they say

And so they plead.


Come with us!

So you won’t see

All the things

Like hate and greed.


But if you look


You will surely see

Past the innocence

They wear

And the bright blond

Curly hair.


Is nothing but a closed up soul

A geared and oiled

Controlled soul

They’re manicured

Small girl machines

That love their job

Cause they’ve never seen

The other side

Of our world of green.


So straighten up

And walk away

Don’t feel bad

They have a world of


To choose from

Every day.


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