Khoi iii

Six feet under,
never known.
A memoir of a kingdom, that will never get their land.
They will never understand, this very feeling that we have
because our root gave birth again,
despite the pain we had endured. But we emerged,
emancipated from the Bonds from our soil; while they took away the oil
beneath our feet.
Beneath the earth,
and our diamonds.
That they sold to feed their own.
But our secrets were engraved in our caves,
while we were slaves.
our blood
like our paint against the wall, the mighty fell, but our stories they had failed in the attempt to,
burn in fire.
Our paintings were the proof of our existence,
our resistance that they never could destroy!
We will be here...
when they are gone.
For we are mighty,
we are brave,
we were born to be
the KHOI...

©Damiam Vincent Henry

This poem is about: 
My country


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