anti bullying

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While in this world there are many Many people who want other to suffer  What they use to inflict that suffering is bullying That causes some to go to extreme lengths
Inconsiderate to others Inconsiderate to yourself Why so heartles? Emotionally distraught inside Emotionally froze out Why so heartless? The bully of the pack
Some people don't like me
Mommy, theres demons in my head. I see them when I sleep. Every time these thoughts go by inside my head they creep. They see me when i'm happy. They best know me when i'm sad. 
Tried to squeeze into nothingness I sink inward Swallowing myself whole Praying for nonexistence If only I could blur Hiding myself within the gray wallpaper My eyes have long since dimmed
                High school studying is like diving into new worlds all Mondays             Tackling novelties every day             Being an eternal apprentice of today
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