I sit on my bed,writing my death letter                                                                                     Knowing that the world would never become better                                                                     Ill rather die and go to hell to rot

I go to school everyday and people call me a ****, ****, ****, and thot
I take a razor blade and cut through my skin
Deeper and deeper so the pain would begin
I lean over the toilet and binge to be thin
I go to school with my face having a big grin
I scream in pain when i cut my wrist some more
Look at what i've done, all this blood on the floor
People call me "Emo" and "Death Queen", they hit me and laugh in my face
They call me ugly, stupid , useless, they say I'm such a disgrace
But they would never understand until they are in my place
My grandma just died, my mom is suffering from depression
My big sister bipolar  she has to go to therapy sessions
Cant they just see my grin is a lie?
All my secrets start to spill 
How should i die, should i overdose on some pills?
Or should i take a rope and hang myself in the dark?
So i can no longer have a beating heart
All this blood on the floor, and I'm still in pain
Im so hungry but i don't eat because that would mean weight gain
I wish to be perfect, being me is so unfair
I hear people talking about my hair
So i cut it all off , my soul has know been broken
They are the ones that hurt people from the words they had spoken
I would have used my words, but they all say I'm weak
I always try to stand up for myself , but they would never let me speak
That night i need something no one would expect
Because the way i am no one would accept...
The next day the announced "She's dead"
That same day her little sister shot herself in the head
Now to people are gone
Because of the bullying...they never did anything wrong
they were buried on a sunday
people started crying
All because those two girls stopped trying
All the girl needed was a friend
Someone to stand by her when the bullying wouldn't end
Words hurt
Think before you speak...
So before judging someone on their weight , size, or clothes
Their laugh, their talk, their hair or their nose
Just take a moment to realize and see
Everyone is not always who they seem to be
Stand against bullying and save a kids life ^0^
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