The Demons

Mommy, theres demons in my head.

I see them when I sleep.

Every time these thoughts go by

inside my head they creep.

They see me when i'm happy.

They best know me when i'm sad. 

They're the ones who tell me

the things i do aren't bad.

They whisper softly in my ear,

when I lay awake at night.

Words you would hate to hear

if you enjoyed life.

they tell my to open my eyes and look;

black is what I see.

And that if my life I took, 

this is how things would be. 

No sunrise in the morning,

no sunset when it's dusk,

No listening to his sweet snoring,

they say that it's a must.

why, you may ask,

does it seem so marvelous?

A life so dull and bask,

nothing left but darkness?

well I have an answer for you.

They put it in my head.

they give me a sort of que

to color my arms red.

They say to take a walk

and carry a rope too.

They remind me how kids gawk,

and they make me tie the nues

They remind me they know all;

even my scars they see. 

they say beneath my sleeves they crawl,

although i hide them carefully.

The give me a friendly bump,

and tell me "soon, you'll see"

and then they say to jump. 

They ended the life of me.

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This is really compelling, it really reminds me of a poem that I wrote called "The Monsters". I posted it on this website as well. Good job.


Thank you! :) I'll be sure to look it up:)


So powerful, This just proves to show words are one of the most powerful weapons...

Very good. You have great talent. Deep and Real. Something this world lacks. Don't waste this kind of talent. 


I'd just like to post an update and say this was something I wrote at the age of 15 or 16. I'd like to edit this and show my growth inside of the writing. Shortly after this poem I was hospitalized for my suicidal ideations and attempts, but now, I am a sophomore in college with a 3.5 GPA (something out of my reach of accomplishment at the time). The people who love me see a night and day difference from before and ive grown into a person I am very proud of. That being said, I plan on editing this poem, and adding a battle between my demons and I. One in which I am relinquished from their grasp and they are sent to the he'll they came from. Then finally end to the poem where the perspective on life has changed to rivers flowing, flowers blooming and birds chirping and the ability to rejoice in it.

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