lgbt rights

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Dear girl I used to be…I’m sorry.I’m sorry for the lies, I’m sorry for making you put on that disguiseA fake smile, a fake face, a fake body and a fake placeIn this world, telling you what you needed to be
  Her humane heart beat ajar, Poor child, being a false saint, Combat booted feet in tar. Searching for the dullest star,
Live in a world where religion is a parody of its own meaning.Where true love is called perversion,And a preference is classified as a sickness.Where our young are nothing but impressionable
White hoods Confederate flags Burning crosses Callin’ us “fags” Vicious and violent Even if they can’t reach us. But we don’t stand a chance If those who could help don’t show up,
When my parents first came to America,They thought it would unite their broken states of mind   My mother came from a poor family,But immigrant soil pinched pennies harder than she could  
America the Brave risked everything for the future. America the Strong fought endlessly for our rights. America the Proud flew the flag for all people to see.
Oh Beautiful Country of mine, On the backs of the broken you stand. A pillar of corruption and hypocrisy, Built on stolen land. All men are created equal,
Turn it off Turn off the news Turn off The hurt The hurt The hurt It's too much to take Too much to understand So it's better to just not see It's better to just Turn it off
In a country that prides itself on “liberty and justice for all,”
    To Be Heard   Some of us are born this way and some of us are born that way No matter what your status or size keep on going with your head held high.
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