To Be Heard

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 23:16 -- zwillis


To Be Heard
Some of us are born this way
and some of us are born that way
No matter what your status or size
keep on going with your head held high.
Some of them like to make us laugh 
some of them like to make us cry
It doesn't matter whether your black or white
so why should it matter who you love inside
When they look at you weird and say ewww look at that.
Just smile sweetly and say I'm beautiful 
and if you need a neck to hug or a shoulder to cry on
find one that accepts you the way you are.
Gay, straight, bi, trans, we are all people in God's eyes
so next time they put you down just keep your head held high
and remember you are perfect just they way you are and
the more they keep up the oppression the greater you fight
for equality and equal rights
It's time for a new america. One that accepts everyone, no matter who
they may be. It's time for a new America and it's time for you and me 
to be heard. So let's us let our voices forge as one and our hearts
unite for freedom and equal opportunity.


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