about the moon and sun

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The sun shined brightly The moon glowed against the sky  Like both yin and yang  
I once whispered to the moon Pleading with my eyes that it would answer back In a swirling haze, the night drew on No whispers back   And my legs were too weak To stand, I was too weak
The glow of a Summer’s SunBeats down upon Earth And in it’s radiance come LifeLife that was created anew today And in it’s shadow comes DeathDeath that strikes in the darkness 
Once, there was a girl, 
It rains softly tonight As I stare out my window The tiny droplets streaking across the pane I often wonder why the skies cry tonight Perhaps in mourning of its Dark Mistress
The bright moon will always gloom when the sun dies every single night when the sun leaves the moon can breathe and shine with her teeth that she calls cheese
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