A love letter to the Moon

Dear Luna,

Your gorgeous, pockmarked face has been clinging to my mind for ages. Your pale light and soft glow hypnotize me. Darling, I am absolutely infatuated by you. You are pulling at my heart as if it were the tides that you lord over. My love, you are as iridescent as a pearl: round and beautiful.

I know that I have faults of my own. I eclipse you and leave you in the dark when I do. I try to illuminate you and brighten your day, but I get the feeling that you're hurt by my extroverted nature. I just see you turn your back to me from across the room and ignore my hot moves and sunny smiles directed towards you.

We only ever see each other from afar for fleeting moments, but we are destined to be together. My moon, you are the center of my galaxy. I’m here for you when you are glowing and when you go dark. I especially love flustering you, Luna, and making you go red. Your heavenly body is praiseworthy.

My fiery passion is too hot for some to handle. I can be overbearing and dry at times. You are so cool and calming, I can only aspire to be as collected as you. Your presence assures me that I am not alone in the universe.

This letter is to prove my admiration for you, my sweet. I can't wait to see you when I’m setting. Please tell me what I did to receive such cold, harsh treatment. Is this because I’m always leaving home as soon as you’re coming home? Tell me whatever is going on and I’ll try to fix it.

I hope that we can make up and find harmony soon. The day isn’t as fun when you aren’t around. I hope that you miss my warmth. Please write again soon, my lover.

Yours forever (or until I burn out),




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