Animal Rescue

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Rusted, dirty kennels litter the floor Their occupants gave up after mistreat and gore. A tiny pair of eyes begging you to help In the small room where all things yelp. But those blue, brimming eyes
My childhood was full of dreams Dreams that included a house full of dogs And a yard full of livestock   I was devastated at age four
Cowering in the corner six feet underground, Sapphire blue eyes pleading, Pleading to be found Parents heard cries From the helpless, Helpless creature stuck In the sewer, out of luck
I found myself this past year.   I found myself in the faces too beautiful to touch. I found myself in the eyes of those who have seen too much.  
my dog lani had a hernia on her stomach she spent a lot of time crying now she spends her time wreaking havoc on our brand new carpet--and it's my dad who's crying   my dog lani
Deserving of love Thrown away by the callous New chance. New life. Hope  
I sit beneath the rays of a hot spring afternoon. I listen to the birds sing, the sound of happiness to their mates. I watch the children walk home from school, playing tags as they walk by me.
The whites of her eyes flash Toward the sounds outside the door. The pounding of someone’s steps Clopping up the stairs sends her body Into trembles. Her leg aches in the place
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