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You told me I was your little pearl. Glimmering and white, Pure and loved, A beauty to beat the rising sun. I was naïve and innocent,
Strings of me are what girls want. White, pure, and ound. Though as I lay upon your neck, I never utter a sound. I come in many sizes, Pulled away from the sea. From an oyster shell to a jeweler,
SAD   IT Will BE   For A Father TO Feel For the Death OF HIS Daughter   Who was HIS “Precious Pearl”   IT would have Been A very  
There is a place that will retain you if you choose to visit; a thin mountain ridge traced by sparkling pearls which exude a slight hint of cinnamon.
All the years of winding and tightening the perfectionist urges, only to increase the craving for alteration. And finally comes the vain obligation to maintain 2 rows of 32 pearls.
I am a pearl, because pearls have been tossed around but still hold strong and they don't let anything bring them down even if it hurts them they won't even budge 
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