The Pearl Ridge

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 10:50 -- katfi5h


United States
31° 19' 43.4748" N, 89° 11' 22.7148" W

There is a place that will retain you if you choose to visit; a thin mountain ridge traced by sparkling pearls which exude a slight hint of cinnamon. The concept of the howling wind will sound like whispers of encouragement to follow the trail before you, and the air will become thinner with each ascending step through the twirling, nonsense footpath. Pick up a few pearls along the way and you will be able to fashion a necklace...but one won't be enough. These giant, scented pearls glisten like nothing you've ever seen and will leave you reaching for more. A single necklace will turn into two, which will eventually turn into four, and thus multiply into eight. By the time you make your ninth, however, you'll begin to notice the unbearable weight of the pearls on your shoulders; the way they slow you down and begin to blanket your eyes. But the familiar and comforting scent of cinnamon will reassure your safety and sanity. As you progress through your tenth and final necklace, the first one will start to feel tight around your throat and your face will transition into a mild blue. Only when this happens will the final pearl lay before you at the end of the mountain's twirling ridge. Extended on a blurry apparition, the last pearl glistens and persuades you into challenging gravity to complete the creation of self destruction. Reach for it, and you will slip off the mountain. But the dark abyss below won't swallow you, for the edge of the ridge will catch you by the noose you've fashioned throughout your journey. You won't gasp for breath and your body won't flail because the thin air on the pearl ridge will gently kiss you goodbye with a cinnamon scented gust of wind. And your precious pearl necklaces will suddenly turn dull.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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