Alone Hope Depression Fighting Insanity Life

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Dear self,   This has been a long time coming. I see the way that you put on a face every morning as you drag yourself out of bed.
she cries herself to sleep every night, holding on with all her might. She worries about what the future will bring, Will she lose everything?   She thinks that she's all alone, And that nowhere feels like home.
On an island somewhere far away With just myself I fend for my sanity All I need is hope something to strengthen my bones A way to persevere with just a state of mind Hope is essential
I felt his tiny hands tug lightly to the hem of my skirt “What do you want?” “Solitude” “I’m busy”   His dainty fingers curled around my own “What do you want?” “Repose” “I have no time”
I want to be loved only to be disclaimed  by the ones that were supposed to love you the most  it's not exactly the best reason to boast  you aren't the one who has the most to boast about 
I suffer from a chemical embalance Every day is a struggle To live, To fight Somedays I can open my eyes It's no longer dark I can see the light shining on me I can see I'm not truly alone
Even if she got hurt,
Alone in life followed by strife surrounded by many known by none they think they know me but know not at all. I reach for the stars as I start to fall. I fall on my own
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