Bottle of pain

Sun, 08/07/2016 - 02:38 -- Sing4it


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she cries herself to sleep every night, holding on with all her might. She worries about what the future will bring, Will she lose everything?   She thinks that she's all alone, And that nowhere feels like home. She's got a lot of sadness in her eyes, Her pain and suffering from all the lies.   Her teardrops are falling down like rain, Her heart is broken from all the pain. There is so much darkness in her soul, Which makes her very cold.   Her teardrops are falling, falling... They fade away to a lonely place, where Emotions are meaningless and words Forgotten.  Spinin Spinin spinning I'm standing still yet the world dances in circles around me my gut feelin like the start of a huracaine so so dizy I need a little time to catch up to myself because I've been working hard and lost most my personal wealth. I'm not sure if you understand that because I don't get it myself.. Don't know how many people have been taken from they own self, captivated held hostage  by people who do it to gain wealth. Every night is the same A little black dress and makeup just to cover the pain A girl in a world of sick people never using their brain Every night you're asking why you went and did it again And again, nothing to gain in a room of empty body's filled with pain Fake love, some drugs and a bottle that's empty That's around the time that you met me A body to tempt me, I probably shouldn't touch, but you let me. The world is a horrid place ,somrhow lookin in your eyes I feel safe How does a someone like you still exist or maybe you don't and I'm imagining this. When the Universe dims and there's no moon light no stars out I  know you'll be there guiding me along this dark path I'm on ... leaving behind all worries find out what life's really about .. forgive but never forget... times are hard no doubt. I'm thankful for my family even when I'm loosing my sanity.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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