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A thousand thoughts from many places One tiny home and tiny spaces Oh dreamer let your wild heart roam You can't reside in just one home Don't let narrow minds become your cell guards
Satan's Daughter
Turbulent were waters so much so that  it was said to my soul  as it faded near the dead rise, be bold now go ahead strive causing strife within my mind 
Lets all be unique together until we realize we are all the same, for those who feel different, who is to blame. For the people that bring others down and make  them feel ashamed. Life is not going to be easy,
I had always felt like I was failing In school, in work, and in life too. It turned out I was the one curtailing Myself in what I wanted to pursue.   I look upon myself today And see how far I've come.
Whisper to the starsSpill your secretsCrack the icy barrierShout across the distance Climb above your dreadJump into the unknownWail away your grief
We fought day and night, But he never followed the rules. He knew how to wear me down, But I won this war.   He wears different masks But he is one and the same- a distraction.
  Everyone has a weaknessEven if some don’t admit it, I’m here to share my story Starting with a young misfit. 
Dreams come true True they already are Are we doing anything to make them come true True they become if you try
Aim high, aim true If your love is real, no matter what you do Time will deceive, but your aim will be true   For dearest love, the heart never misses The heart never fails
In life sometimes we may feel powerless
        Losing isn't defeat, defeat is when you give up.            Losing is momentum, to win the next.           So when you are unsuccessful, don't give up.    
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