Lauren Deja

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If you have dreams, wake. It's time to stare the world in her face. Learning truth in sleep, now we open our eyes, for we wish to see. So, if you have dreams, wake. Look at this place
I climbed up the mountain, the day was blue. Sprinkled in gold and burned with truth. The sun shone as I reached my goal. The peak loomed, then welcomed and called me home.
I know that corn on the cob gets stuck in your teeth. I know that speed limits are not always the most enjoyable speed, for that particular stretch of road. I know that Galileo never drove.
I hear you, beautiful girl talking about things you've never seen. I hear your intrigue. It forces out my animosity, through my squinted eyes, as I wonder deep inside. How many men in your life died?
The beautiful thing about a voice is sometimes it speaks louder from heaven. Mr. Zimmerman, you may have taken a life, but you have also awaken the angels. We will plug in our mics.
When you turned your head, my heart tapped my head. It said. RUN. I don't know where this one is from. He's gonna render you dumb. Your lungs will become numb. Paralyzed in his eyes.
Incessant buying. Filling our greed with our toxic need. Buying into consumer insanity. What we need cannot be found in mortared buildings. It can't be found in retail bleeding. We need less smack and more life.
  The thing that got me, was when you said, Let's not have sex. That line could have bought you a lifetime with me. but it wouldn't have been your lifetime. It would have been the lifetime
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