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Incessant buying.
Filling our greed with our toxic need.
Buying into consumer insanity.
What we need cannot be found in mortared buildings.
It can't be found in retail bleeding.
We need less smack and more life.
Breathe in the noxious gases,
seeping from these carpets,
degrading my assets.
Fight the cancer that is metasizing
in the rashes of the babies
breathing these gases.
Using the human race as a filter?
Lets filter out the waste of leadership in our masses.
My metabolism,
is not for rent,
not for sale,
not the safety net for when they fail.
Your dollar on my life?
I ain't your slave,
I'm your future wife.
And e'ry girl like me,
growing up on the franken seed.
Filtering out the excess carbon 13,
coming early into puberty.
Growing babies in babies deep in poverty.
Mama's dying of obesity.
Losing cousins to failed kidneys.
We are your future life.
Is it a crime?
Our bodies will petrify in time.
This isn't genetic warfare.
Insecticide. Fungicide. Herbicide.
This is genocide.
Slaughter of the masses.
Was it worth the dime? All the lyin?
Did it keep you from dyin'?
We're sick enough all we got left is the fight.
We're no longer buying the lyin' that you've hide behind.
Your cheap dime store of a life is falling behind.
You're suit may have cost a million, but your store is building atroscities.
You call yourself a leader,
but you are a shady dime store merchant.
Your flour has weavels.
Your cheap corn byproducts,
Carbon 13.
We are no longer interested in your sale of chemotherapy.
Its time for us to clean what you saw as a filter for your toxic greed.
Our lives.
Our bodies,
and our ability to breathe.
There's no need for your franken seed.
We're growing food that is free.
Free of smack.
Free of greed,
Free of mercury.
I want to see farm's with biodiverstiy,
farmers that aren't too poor too eat.
It's a damn shame,
the man who grew my high fructose corn syrup last year,
now sleeps in the rain.
Funny how you don't feel to blame.
But how could you sleep
if you were counting the sheep
you poisioned with your carbon 13?
Like a baby, I guess.
Just call your friend the pharmacy
for a lil train that could pill
and steam yourself up the mountainside of bodies.
Stroke, heart disease, obesity, diabetes.
Is it homicide if they lead us to the edge and we jump?
Don't buy it.
Don't buy the lies, don't buy the smack.
People are dying.
World leaders are lying.
The human race is the filter for their toxic waste.
It's time we consider whats on our plates.


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