The Things I know


United States
33° 47' 12.5304" N, 112° 17' 9.924" W

I know that corn on the cob gets stuck in your teeth.
I know that speed limits are not always the most enjoyable speed,
for that particular stretch of road.
I know that Galileo never drove.
I know that Monet was broke.
I know that peanut butter and jelly is not real food,
and that top ramen noodles are death by msg induced obesity.
I know that I can't live on these things,
but I know that they can live on me.
I know that swinging is good for my soul.
I know that if you take me swinging at night,
you will see the me no one really sees.
I know that dreams are my reality.
I know that blueberries are best when eaten in threes.
I know that the pier is my favorite night spot.
I know that my bed is my favorite day spot.
I know that if you ask me to be on set at 8am,
I'll want to be there at 6am.
But I won't show up until at least 7am,
Because somewhere inside I'm worried that security won't have my name.
I know that the bus leaves at 5am,
but it's midnight now and I'm no where near packed.
I know that things are tight in America these days,
But things have been tight in North Korea for decades.
I know that man cannot live on bread alone,
But we do.
We live on PB&J, Ramen and pizza crust.
Maybe that's why we're dying.
Maybe we're just all living suicide dreams.
Maybe we all came to learn how to die.
I know I don't know a lot.
I know how to use a microphone.
I know how to finger knit.
I know that I biffed it on my bike when I was five.
I know that green juice keeps me alive.
I know that my piano is my best friend,
my lover,
my psychoanalyst,
and my mother.
I know that Martha Gramm changed my life.
And Joseph Pilates taught me how to walk.
I know that fire will burn me,
I didn't know he would.
I know that scars fade.
I know that in the end, I'll wish I had told you so.
But I still don't know enough.
May the end never come.
I don't want to practice dying,
I want to live in love.


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