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“And your homework is…” Tick tock tick tock. Staring at the clock while the teacher says their last thoughts. “You have survived your first week in busi…” Tick tock tick tock.
When birthday cakes  Get frostbite,  I relate. When coins aren's used For their rust, I sympathize.    Once upon a time I was a  Celebration  I lit up your candles
Although the clock will tick Time seems to melt away
Every day, there's a a knock on my door tap on the window voice in my head says Go on Get up Roll out of bed. Every day, that ticking persists
Here's what keeps this soul goingHere's what makes
Standing before you, An endangered soul. Mold with gold and once embodying the whole given. And now My Frail and lanky stature, stands before you  piercing every eye.
What makes me tick?  What doesn't!
They say time is like the ocean;
What makes me tick? Is it the sound of judgeful eyes or the cries of the inner soul Being taken advantage of Or not being appreciated at all The wrong motivation
What makes me tick Tock Like a clock Or like being poked with stick?   Being annoyed With people making no sense Keep talking nonsense Wanting to be in a void  
Sitting around the dinner table all gathered around Absolutely nothing in the world can bring me down Then I hear the sound of ice in her mouth crunch Suddenly I feel like giving someone a punch 
what makes me tick I won't pick and choose. It's quite simply, to put limply, complainers. "Find me a container." "Aw really?! "Yes, silly," "what? Are you lazy?"
What makes me tick?   The things that tick me off.   The loose hair that’s tickling the back of my arm The last bit of toothpaste that won’t come out of the tube
My mind has seasons of its own.....crashes by stainless pressure critical remarks of laughter that i dont find amusing
What makes me tick. What makes me tick. Life. Life makes me tick. The feeling of not knowing my tomorrow makes me tick.
There are many things that light my fire
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