Sweet Tick

When birthday cakes 

Get frostbite, 

I relate.

When coins aren's used

For their rust,

I sympathize. 


Once upon a time

I was a 


I lit up your candles

Made you burn

For me

Passionate and

Fiery carbonate

All in one

You melted

And I saw your


And you saw

My true colors.

Our warmth

Could make friends 

Shove shoulders

Nudge elbows 

Look twice with

Glowing eyes

And smile. 


Then one day 

You decided

I was cold. 

My taste 

sapped away

In anguish,

In condensation.

And put out

The fire

In our eyes



Before I was forgotton,

I was worth something.

But now I'm old and



No matter my pricelessness


The cost of such


Is worthless 

when unwanted. 


I wish

I was aggravating again

A vex

A tick

That even unaware

You wish me there

But you willingly 


And I would be happy. 

Not the crunch of eggshells in your lunch

But the midday anxiety 

The question of my wherabouts

The nag in your head

I wish 

Someone checked their phone 

Because maybe the longing 

For me will be 

So great 

That it will manifest in

My quick response

And when it does,

Foot tapping for

The clock to tick down

Until you're safely 

Out of bounds 

Of being weird

And can respond again. 


I wish those thumbs

Would twiddle for me

Palms would sweat

Fingers would spread to

Measure them with mine

Like checking to see if 

I was a perfect fit

And I was.

The hands would clasp

The deal close


So that midday dreams 

About falling in love

Debating the wait

For passion

to blossom

Were as real 

And tasteful

As frosting

As sweet

And special

As cake. 



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