words hurt

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Those words, The ones that tear you apart piece by piece. The little words.
   words are powerful  this a fact that should never be doubted they can hurt or they can help they can make you cry or they can make you smile they can make you angry or they can make you laugh 
She wants to be deadBecause of all the words she hears.She never tried to fight the lies that were said.The lies come in many forms; some were read others were heard.The sad part is its not just her who have to fight the wordsThe words that feels
Your true self criesYou are deemed as a nobodyYou seem fearless but bravery liesYou seek approval to be a somebody.
Words really do hurt. They leave scars in places The heart only feels. -bcr
Seeing her, standing there doesn't make you wonder What's her life like when she gets home? "Man shes ugly, look how fat she is" Have you ever thought she might be going through something? '"NERD NERD NERD"
Red and dark, like blood. Sweetly scented, yet thorns destroy our gentle touches. Petals fall as the day grows old and the years grow cold. The tender flower is sweet and beautiful, yet it has it's darkside.
Memories to remember when we were kids  Those are the times we really lived Do you remember the times we were the closest? Now we just kick back and get roasted But what happens when it's time to graduate 
They are the building blocks of intelligence, And yet they are still used to tear down others. Slut, Whore, Skank: Harsh insults are not relevant? Tell that to the lifeless bullied girl's mother.  
It's sad to see, through a student's bruised eyes How mock and torture, Succumb their lives. Brimming with ridicule, socially inept. Feeling like an outcast,  Like a total reject.
Those words go deep as you toy with my heart and emotions My very essence being ripped out and examined by vermin like you Looking for any weakness like being too nice to speak out against the torment
Small but poisonous, Black but rimmed with green Envy and red Rage, Darts are thrown with Deadly accuracy They pinpoint their target, Puncturing the peachy flesh and Exploding upon impact.
I stand utterly bruised, not defeated, just bruised. I've come into battle with the conflict of words, the conflict of unjust actions, and recently in war with you. I've taken your arrows, your bombs, and
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