Help mend


It's sad to see, through a student's bruised eyes

How mock and torture,

Succumb their lives.

Brimming with ridicule, socially inept.

Feeling like an outcast, 

Like a total reject.

They get bullied everyday,

Students, teachers looked the other way.

Kids on the news, they get harassed in schools.

No one to help mend, they end up dead.

Everyone found out too late, the school, family and friends.

They think it's their fault, 

They didn't think this is how it'd end.

Students and teachers wish they intervened.

But there was no answer, for the kid who asked, "please..."

I hope these deaths show, 

What the schools need to know.

When you see a kid being bullied, and he's in distress

No matter who you are, know when to address.



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