cancer survivor

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Discouragement, hopelessness, low sprits, Confidence to me is raw flesh that has been left out in to hot sun. They say I’m no different to others. But, why doesn’t feel like it?
Do not leave your house, my loveYour face is rather petrifyingI will strive to push and shoveI'd rather you be dyingCancer came and took your eyeTook your self-esteemKidnapped your pride
Footsteps, shadows of doctors I wait in pain, punched in the face by reality   The floor, filled with imprints of visitors Fluorescent lights A pulled out couch with uncensored tears,
> What can you say to the man, Who never gave up on you?        Does thank you suffice,         When he saved your life,         Or is there something more you can do?
But you don’t Really understand until it Effects you personally… it’s A shot in the dark and the Scariest thing ever to happen To my family, to her friends.
i am a cancer survivor call violence where rival gangs kill each other over territory i am a cancer survivor call ignorance where a fight breaks out over stepping on somebody's kicks
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