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I do what you do Linger and loom like colors On the horizon
Your armor of light, Is no match for my darkness. No matter how hard you fight, You cannot save my soul's rotting carcass. Wondering if I'm right, I stare up to the moon; Wishing to end this life,
The feeling when I walk home on a Friday at 2:00.  The bag heavy on my back but the shoes are thrown as far as they can once I get inside. The feeling when I collapse on my bed and really 
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
In the darkest night under the full moon My heart aches for the news that will come soon As it cries out for the resolution That news that had two conclusions The news that determine my destiny in life
The tip of that old Marlboro cigarette held between his sagging, wrinkly fingers burns out,
I wonder if the place where my mom is, is as beautiful as the stars in the sky on a cool summer night or the rain on my window pane. I wonder if it's as peaceul as a Sunday morning drive or is it better than being alive?
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