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Perspiration and butterflies Trembles of anxiety Drowning in blue with tangled chords-- annoying Heavy metal hung around my clammy skin
There was an evil stepmother named Tuition Her daughters Loan and Debt were on a mission My Fairy Scholarship broke the fall And I met my Prince Degree at the ball But when the clock struck 12 I lost ambition
Can you belive it? It's almost over. HIgh school as we know it will just be a memory, A memory that will last us a lifetime.  Friends. Clubs. Teachers. Classes. All just a memory.
walking across the green grass  almost time to say goodbye to our class sweaty palms and shaky knees  finally going to be free anxiously waiting to hear your name looking around to see who all came
I am outgoing and caring I wonder if I would graduate with my class I hear my name being called by the podium I see myself in a good college I want to be closer to God I am outgoing and caring
Thirteen years spent in school, Working to receive a piece of paper and a handshake. Always focusing and following the rules, And near the end just trying to stay awake. That one piece of paper is the key,
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