loss of innocence

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Sets of swings sit on the east corner next to the electrical wires the shoes dangle from.   A dingy yelloow slide shows signs of happy memories made
"Clocks on the wall Talk to watches on the wrist It's the (moments) we relive It's the moments like this"
the faint smell of crayons, adhesive, and floor wax filled the air. i shot an anxious smile at my mother and she nodded.
What is it like to kiss?A moment of pure bliss,Of joy and ecstasyThat turns realityInto scattering starsAs you fall in his arms.  
A fresh fruit
Day after day Semester after semester Year after year I run into college freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are victims drowning in their own pool of confliction
East Japan is on fire And we're sitting pretty
If thou did not exist would one have been tempted? Just one bite of whats been forbidden;
  I used to be a Child   I used to like playing outside, then I started worrying about the dirt. I used to hate writing until I realized I could write whatever I wished.
Freefalling A tiny white crystal of ice Descending from heaven A precious gift   Glittering in the light Falling, sparkling, beautiful In its own right A masterpiece unto itself  
I have met the ugliest man That ever has survived His cheeks are sallow holes And his hair has never thrived   Upon his fingers delicate Sit the rings of fortune and fame
Sometimes I wonder What happened On June nineteeth, 'ninety-five - The day before my birth. Before I opened my eyes Before I took my first breath of fresh air Before I touched the world with tiny fingers
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