The Perfect Blend
Main Street Ada, Oklahoma
United States
42° 22' 16.7808" N, 71° 11' 47.4864" W

Slick sleet, sleepy things

Stumble over me

Hot mess, camo dress

Be still to not be seen


Fire moths busy

Setting sparks to trees

No time to seek for shelter

As grenades go




Taro working, bone popping

His leg lost in snow

Tomorrow's never coming

Ever droning -- slow


Thick meat -- muscly

Pow'ring over me

Petrified -- frozen up

White knuckled to the gun


As grenades go



Magician -- no

Sleight of hand

Trigger pulled -- the end

The bullet blows not the foe

It dies there in my head


It explodes                                                                                            

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