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It's so insane to think that we can hear one word and allow it to change our whole mood, And in many cases when you start to finally take care of yourself, people decide to tell you that you are being rude.
Emotions bottled up never to be found Walls built out of pain and sorrow Fear cementing them together To avoid breaking what likely needs torn down Hidden away, maybe forever,
It feels familiar but I tell myself it's different, The actions are the same and I replay it all in my head, Pain external masks that which breaks me internal, Crimson never looked so good on me until now,
I'm always smiling. I am beautiful. My heart is not broken. I'm fine. These are not tears. I do not miss you, nor do I need you.
When you say that you are fine, It leaves me lost to where your heart lies; What to make of such a quandary With diction so abstract in nature - I am granted the privilege akin to a diety:
Do you want some wine? It's served with sex appea I wil ake you squeal!
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No. She's not fine, She's not good, or ok, or fine. She's terrible. She can't stop the thoughts, she can't stop the swirling ideas. She can't even speak. The fear is constant,
You look beautiful, as the sun is settin Your face glimmers along with the Heavens On a scale of one to ten, you're an eleven You must be why God rested on day seven   You are so fine, so so fine
  Tired of winters And swollen rivers Chests heaving People leaving                 Want to sleep Maybe for weeks             Need to sleep Maybe for weeks
am i okay?yes, im fine. inside me, the demons are screaming and tearing at my soul but im fine. feelings of hopelessness and fear and anxiety are building up like briks but im fine
We’ve all said it, We’ve all heard it That easy little phrase to use when you're hurting Two words, two syllables. I’m Fine.  
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