a generation that is lost

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I cry tears for my generation because we have no patients
We are the generation of thinkers The generation of reckless drinkers The generation in which my eyes are appalled and I have opened my mouth to exercise the right I was given This is America.  
Does it not hurt to think about the digressions this world goes through? To know that people descend and ascend everyday, and how it could've been you?
I feel sick to live in a world like this My glass is not half empty It was drank before I was even born, Now I am stuck in a desert swallowing sand Tell me why it's okay
Dear Society, We are meant to stand together,  not draw a line in the sand. Our ancestors worked for unity, and we seem to misunderstand.   The human race is beautiful, a work of art.
​Scattered streets  Bevy's of the same,   Change seems like a void; hopeless    Act as one and united  is now among  It walks through the streets accepted in all different stocks and kinds
I am not what “it” looks like. I wonder what it takes to please society.
There is no such thing as a happy ending. Life doesn't end flawlessly, but more abrupt like falling and losing all control. Happy endings only occur in movies, the 2 to 3 hour films that bring a bunch of people together, to not hate one another.
There are a numerous amount of bitter people all over the world that want to express their pent-up feelings that were kept deep down inside.but sometimes is just that they seem to be gaucherie at certain times of their life.
This Jan’ry first will exit during cheer; Sev’ral hot souls may lead with a new kiss. I sway, they drink champagne but mostly beer, Proposing coming year to be more bliss.
We're living in a society where 13 and 14 year old girls dream of a relationship even remotely close to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' but can't even tolerate the cramps coming from the heavy flow of their monthly red room of pain.
It seems like broken hearts are the norm in this generation! What happened to the good old days where you didn't have you worry about who else he/she was talking to, Where you knew that you were the only one they were talking to, Why can't we just
I AM part of a generation, the result of carelessness I WONDER if the damage can be undone; if we can find our heritage I HEAR tales of a time of change; times long gone
Breaking news! Fifty people killed in a bomb blast, Students of a popular University engaged in a riot and killed 4 students, Strippers needed for one week, Robbers attacked a bank and killed 5 guards on duty,
Tingles, and feels  It's the only thing that crosses my mind My lip touch the cold glass bottle  liquid oozing  As I take another drink of anything that warms me for the hour 
Let's talk about the issues  with this world. For example, do we even know  what privacy is?   Your business is none of my concern, ladies and yet, here we go again.
People are calling for help, searching for what makes success. That’s how bad this economy has become, they’ve stopped managing our government to demand management of our pockets.  
I make a sad attempt to rise with the morning sun, only because the world has asked me to. And so, I start the day by crawling up to what is supposedly my reflection. I don't look like myself. Mirror,
I'm just an observer... Nothing more, Perhaps something less. All that ive ever done, Is float helplessly in a world with people just as lost as me. So from time to time,
We are a classical chaos We dance the dance
Those who said that teenage years would be memorable didnt think for those who cant even be happy anymore.  They didnt think about the new generation . 
a generation that is lost where kids today are inspire in implementing the knockout game where the goal is to knock somebody out unconscious  or leave them for dead now if you need to knock somebody out
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