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Oh leagality? Is there a solution to The problems?
Restriction is my freedom Similarities seem so different With a new world, came a new life Life I always dreamed But now never wanted  
Oh the Iran Land With the Mountains and Zafron  I wish I was home 
The chador draped across her
I thought I saw a smile, Though I know it can’t be true Seeing you try so hard, Part of me died with you You lived for family, God, and country The Red, White, and Blue
It is fitting that my grandfather should die tonight, How convenient that this is the very moment I have nightmared about
Bang! Bang! Like the shot heard around the world Another life lost on the curb. Once more, an innocent life unfurled.
Iran, when did you end up infected? I never knew so far has spread, This deadly plague, Now your women shall suffer, You shall have your share of screams, More cries from more Mothers,
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