“I’m Burning, I’m Burning”


28° 38' 4.308" N, 77° 9' 15.3648" E

Iran, when did you end up infected?

I never knew so far has spread,

This deadly plague,

Now your women shall suffer,

You shall have your share of screams,

More cries from more Mothers,

Semi-charred children happily smiling,

Pirate-eyed, wearing hanging skin, craters on their skin, scary scars,

Unaware, half their lives have been eaten up,

Razed to the ground by their own creators,

Hungry Dragons camouflaged as their Fathers,

You’ll have your share of wrath,

Your slice of mourning,

More sleeping mothers, sleeping wives, sleeping children,

Shall burn, shall be doused with Acid,

Your ears shall echo their agonizing wails,

Tardily extinguished by harrowing pain,

“I’m Burning, I’m Burning”,

Your days will hear,

So will your nights,

Only, Man and his ‘She-Zombie Slave’,

His smoldered prey,

With her spine crushed for life,

Will be forced to breathe,

Starved of justice, beg the streets,

Barbaric law shall materialize,

Only savages will hunt, and monopolize,

Bake cakes out of Her,

Cook her blind, to live a Curse,

With smoldered toddlers,

Clueless, their daddy had them grilled,

With a question to scissor them apart, very soon,

Along with their roasted mother, her ceaseless tears,

Her hidden face, burnt enough,

To compete with their hellish fate,

With blisters of dire disgrace, manholes of affliction dug for life,

Tattooed to last till the end, they’ll have to survive,

Only, the brute Man and the Living Dead,

The Manist Werewolf with his Tarnished Mermaid,

Will thrive…



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