Immigration Reform

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The United States is a free country. People come to it for a better life. Each immigrant comes with a family. A husband settles in it with his wife.   Unlike illegals, he does not break laws.
Wrapped in the blanket azul of her birth, the little girl spells inmigrante beside inmate with a stick in the dirt on the border between cage and patrolman earth.
I sit in class I listen as the teacher talks I read what the teacher talks I read         America the land of opportunities  I read
We come here in hopes of a new life,we come here in hopes that we'll surive,but we're not welcomed here, we're pushed aside told,you come from the wrong country please leave or die.
I was crying all the time, She couldn’t be there for me. The children were sad, My heart was hurting.  
What is happening to our country? A false image of justice, freedom, and democracy How can we be any better than Russia, China, or even slavery?   Racism, Hatred, manipulation It's all still there
An incomplete family morns and weeps
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