I sit in class

I listen as the teacher talks

I read what the teacher talks

I read

        America the land of opportunities 

I read

        America the land of the free

I read

        America the land of dreams

I read but don't believe.

I go home to my mother and father

I go home and listen to them talk

I listen

        Hermana I'm worried

I listen

        Hermano are you okay

I listen 

        Hija comfort your brothers

I do as I am told.

I turn on the TV

I turn on the news

I watch

        Images of children crying

I watch

        Videos of a tyrant talking

I watch

        Hatred tear communities apart because of race, gender, and sexuality

I watch till night falls.

My father rants

My mother worries

But I sit and watch

      I sit and listen 

      I sit and read

My heart is numb

My mind is numb

my only thought

        When will it all be done?


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