I am Who I am

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i am somebody yet i am nobody i am somebody yet another plain face in a crowd
I am thoughts yet I am not,For how could thoughts be made to walk?How could thoughts be ones to speakWhen no lips they have to seal?People talk and people sayThoughts are what we are these days.
I am strong I am dedicated lifelong I am not lazy I am sometimes looked at as crazy I am a Physical therapist in the making   I am caring I am daring I am not someone who will abandon
I am sorry for everything I do  I am sorry for everything I say I am sorry if this offends you
Im me, My Dark Skin, You Cant Change Rough Hair, Cant Change My Standard and Vanacular, Cant Change Strong Walk, Wont Change Hard outside, Soft inside Cant change  Just 5 things that stay the same
I am who I am and I like being this way, I'll be who I want to be No matter what people say. I focus on my school work and don't go out a lot, I am not one to lurk
I am who I am. I'm the child of a single parent, the child that was born in Alaska. I was that kid who did something without thinking; I am that guy who put a rock in his ear in kindergarten just to see what would happen.
I am who I am. I’m no ordinary man. I am a nerd. I’m not absurd. I am a son of the Pharaohs. I’m more precise than sharp arrows. I am a math lover. I’m a person you should discover.
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