I am Me in the making

I am strong

I am dedicated lifelong

I am not lazy

I am sometimes looked at as crazy

I am a Physical therapist in the making


I am caring

I am daring

I am not someone who will abandon

I am someone who will stand-in

I am a Mother in the making


I am a leader

I am a boisterous speaker

I am not a liar

I am drenched with desire

I am a Veteran in the making


I am sarcastic

I am without notice drastic

I am not Vulgar

I am one big Culture

I am a Latina lineage in the making


I am not certain of who I am yet

I am positive that this may cause an upset

I am not simply one past experience

I am a child begrudgingly filled with inexperience

I am Me in the making

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My family
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