A Change of Perception

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You see darling  You have the choice  To view any moment  As amazing or terrible You have the control  To take a small thing 
  Are you still dreaming? Or are you still wandering around in your sleep?  
A robot in an endless army of youth. Told to be brave, told to be strong. Told to stand tall and keep marching along. With nothing but orders to be believed as the truth. Grown in a world with standards and rules.
To bask in the light of life Is to bask in the threat of Death. Ominous, foreboding, and Looming over your Heart. But that's okay, Its all fine, As long as you are Always mine.
Perception of reality is individual. The philosophy is simple: The process of life is equivocal and understanding is futile.
I fell in love with a man who lives in a world of black and white Doesn't quite see something that isnt at sight I stand in the front light to make sure that I shine, but my color's to bright almost seems to blind 
Life is simply an illusionCircling around worldly reasonA world we see as true memoriamOnly made by our own comprehension
I wouldn't know the world as I If I haven't made the first cry I wouldn't know of a elite parlance Unless for an exquisite silence I wouldn't know I was different Unless all around were indifferent
Essay writing and poem writing Me, myself, and I agree we prefer poems over essays English teacher for senior year made me like poems and understand them. First time poet. I will not disagree with me being an amateur
What needs a change most,  is what is never changed. Identity.   You are always the same you, aging and changing over time,  allways just you.   I would change that,
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